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Tipps & Tricks

1. Transaction Tax - Raising Miner Fee

Most bitcoin transactions may flow over multiple btc banks, which require the banks to pay a transaction tax, which is a variable amount due to the bitcoin price. Transaction tax records are counted and a traumatic action needs to be taken today.
Tip: Collect the amount of satoshi over the fee into faucethub or in other form (ex. online games, which allows btc) until the tax is reduced to 0.

2. Useful and simplified use of Kolotibablo, Protypers, RuCaptchaBot - captcha code work

If, after a lot of software upgrades it has not even been able to reach a desired captcha loading speed - the latest Windows application can be used to measure the work performance time (10 to 20 seconds is very good but it's slow over half a minute)
Tip: Make your application settings as it is asked. If you're working on Chrome or comodo browser, you must install "certificat", "browser plugin", latest "plugin", do "pumping task" before each job so you have the chance to achieve a good performance time.
You can also use the kolotibablo application to be updated.
If the application does not run as you want to stop any other opened browser window, you need to stop in Windows - task manager any dubious application, otherwise it must work with multiple open browsers.

Tip: Protypers - do not work with pointer captchas it can contain banned links.


3. Gmail problem solvings while captcha code is not being loaded

There are several times that the captcha code does not load, it can happen on any page and this is a suspiciously common mistake, it can not be entered into your opened accounts with this captcha error, you can blame your google login account - it has been hacked - or it has a virus. You are welcome to create a new entry or to setup as 007 agent at google. This kind of 'virus', is enabled to make connection with your smart phones, in connection with the wireless router, but it's enough to login with the infected account, in this case if you have it - you are routed. 


  1. Stop your phones wireless connection either data connection, do not enter in the infected account neither from pc or laptop.
  2. On smartphone - basicly  its enough to delete your infected google account and replace it with another.
  3. It's recommended to reset your smartphone, install a new google account, install the applications with the new account.

4. Teamviewer network trick - use your phone as a mouse (works on 3G)


  1. Install the teamviewer for pc, I recommend to setup a unique password for your machine.
  2. Install your teamviewer on android/IOS phone and connect it with your machine.
  3. Simply using your phone as a mouse, your screen is the monitor and the touchpad in the same time - so you can control your mouse from anywhere even on 3G.
  4. The function in smartphones Teamviewer / setup / showremotecursor  'so your phone - even with a VR device - you can still use your wireless mouse in less distances.

5. Visited Forums and Auto surfing

Tip & Trick:
The autosurf significantly helps to improve your sites attendance level, but no real interest - as if you see the river but you do not see the fish in it. Forums can do more to create partnerships.

6. Btc Faucet Scrap Table with infinite scroller.

7. Faucet work - program explanation - script rotator problem.

Aid: Setting up a faucet rotator: many faucet sites script or resolution does not allow to display it's content in this case you are allowed to open it in separate window the excerpted 'faucet', otherwise it would be convenient to use it.

8. Marketglory and Goaltycoon exchange

Tip: Exchange graphs in iframe to display multiple windows on the desktop, checking for updates to better exchange.

9. Virus problems

Aid: While observing ptc-autosurf-trafficexchange: Coinhive and Coinpot - slowing down the machine at the  processors temperature due to its extraction structure - is used to the heavens. Avg successfully filters it out, you can notice on the main page is not advertised but somehow supported on 'forum and ptc' sites:

Virus: Bits2u, adz2you
Tip: a good antivirus that will notice this.

10. A good feature of Btc Ptc (Bitcomine, BitcoFarm, HoneyBtc) is that if you allow multiple site views simultaneously

Tip: Ctrl button + Click on mouse on sites max. 10-20 how much your machine resist;
You always start looking at the first one you opened and as you watch them, one by one close the windows;
After the last window is closed, refresh the ads window.