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This site detects links between the websites to relieve the roaming of the net. Actually, interprets present-value of the coin forms, bitcoinwith Bitcoin pay outor other currency in games. It brings hyperlink to the information recorded on e-bitts. Share's tasks, surveys, games, tips & tricksTips & Tricks and some work aidsAid:.

Ranking what is worth to discuss: 

I. Pay to click (Ptc) has Task Jobs (Gpt)  Neobux  Clixsense   Elite Crowdflower 

  • This is best for you to practice and to spend some time in (Gpt) get paid to earn additional income. Ex. Crowdflower is now Figure Eight
  • Task Job's most prevalent locations, pay to click with affiliate referral system, as well as more worker signs up on your link, means more income in your pocket. Ex. Neobux, ClixsenseCrowdflower Elite;


II. Get paid to type captcha (Gpc) Kolotibablo with Bitcoin pay out  Protyperswith Bitcoin pay out2Captchawith Bitcoin pay out

III. Bitcoin mining investment (Bmi) Hashflarewith Bitcoin pay out

  • Bitcoin Mines, Investment Programs Ex. Hashflare.

IV. Games (Gms) Chopcoinwith Bitcoin pay out  Market GloryGoaltycoon   

  • Many times, more profitable than a faucet or other paid to click systems. Here we need a detailed explanation of how the coin can predict the success of these games. With success bonuses. Ex. Marketglory, Goaltycoon, Chopcoin.io

V. Traffic Exchange (TE's) Easy Hits 4U with Bitcoin pay outInfinity traffic boost with Bitcoin pay out  

VI. Pay to promote (Ptp)  

  • The easiest conversion of your TE or PTC credits to money or bitcoin. Ex. Viraltecoop

VII. Link shortener (Lst)    

  • Hyperlink decrypts the coin <featured in this site> accumulated in the program's wallet. Ex. Shortewith Bitcoin pay out

VIII. Banner advertising (Bav) with Bitcoin pay out

  • The banner can be placed on TE's , PTC's , or on your own site valid clicks or impressions earn you Btc. Ex. A-ads; CoinMedia


IX. Coin microwallet platform (Cmp) to X. Coin Exchange Wallet (Cew)xapowith Bitcoin pay out Coinbasewith Bitcoin pay outto XI. Coin Brokerage Jobs (Cbj): Binance coin exchange with Bitcoin pay out regarding XII. Coin markets (Cmk)   Coindesk Bitcoin Checker Android program

  • If you are a beginner it's a good start to understand the bitcoin business, as well as you work better in more faucets, you learn how to manage the time, you can get pretty good sum at the end, try it with E-bitts/Faucetwork it's a Btc free faucet rotator, works with Cmp: FaucetHub or Cew's;
  • Transfer from micro wallet to wallet:  - Check transaction fees before payout!
  • Learn and check with coin micro wallet and it's faucets (Fct) or faucet games (Fgm), the speed of the coin transactions.
  • Brokerage on Coin exchange wallet websites has appeared, if you are a good bargain it can be tried: ex. on Xapo, Coinbase, Binance, Eobot.
  • Check in seconds the coin's value. Ex. Coindesk, Coinmarketcap try on your phone Bitcoin Checker application. 

XIII. Coin exchange (Cex)  Anycoindirectwith Bitcoin pay out AirTMwith Bitcoin pay out

  • Exchange coin from your Xapo, Coinbase or Binance (Cew) to your Bank Card, ex. with Anycoindirect or AirTM.

XIV. Online Cash Wallets (Ocw)

  • Trustworthy online Wallets: Paypal, Skrill , Neteller.
  • Payza has stopped!

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